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About Our Company

SRQ Business Brokers offer consultations to prospective Sellers or Buyers looking to sell or purchase a business.
For our Sellers, we take time to learn about their businesses, we explain the sale process, and we strive to reach their goals.
For Buyers, we match right businesses to sustain their lifestyles, and we explain the buying process.
Once understanding is reached, SRQ Business Brokers input knowledge to achieve a successful sale.
Choosing a Business Broker to assist in a sale or purchase of a business may well be the wisest decision any Seller or Buyer makes.
To put it simply…when buying or selling a business…put the knowledgeable Business Brokers to work for you!

About Our Company

SRQ Real Estate Advisors Corp. believe that the real reason why people want to own a business is to attain time and opportunity. The way you achieve more time and greater opportunities is through financial freedom. Financial freedom can be obtained through charting your own course by owning a business because of the possibilities of earning unlimited income and managing your time. In the end, having money will not make you happy. What will ultimately make you happy is what having money will provide you: time and opportunities. Time to spend with your friends and loved ones and opportunities to pursue your passions.

Allow us to help you in your journey to attain time and opportunities by helping you sell or buy a business.


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