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Buying Process

The Buying Process

  1. Decide you would like to look into buying a business.
  2. Find a business that interests you or contact a Business Broker from SRQ Real Estate Advisorsto help you find a business.
  3. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  4. Provide the Business Broker with your background and financial information.
  5. Review the businesses available, one or more that meets your needs and financial capacity.
  6. Have a conference call or meet the seller/owner.
  7. Make an offer, which is presented to the seller.
  8. The offer is accepted, or a counter offer is proposed.
  9. Mutual acceptance of the final offer.
  10. Financial due diligence.
  11. Closing documents are prepared by the buyer’s and seller’s attorneys.
  12. An inventory is taken.
  13. A closing takes place.
  14. Seller trains the buyer for an agreed amount of time.

Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement

If you have special needs, have not found what you are looking for in the businesses currently for sale, or would like us to do a search exclusively for you, we can assist you in finding a business under our “Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement”. This search would involve doing an individualized search for you of businesses that not on the market yet, as well as those currently available. Good businesses go fast. Being the first to evaluate and make an offer on a business can be a major advantage.

At SRQ Real Estate Advisors, we respect buyers!


  • Are you weary of trying to contact many brokers and business owners directly?
  • Tired of not getting your calls and e-mails returned?
  • Discouraged by your inability to get solid information on business listings?

We can help! Thanks to our many networks locally and across the country, we work with most brokers. Let us simplify the complexity and expedite the process for you.

We can assist you with our “Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement”, providing valuable expertise in your business search, business assessment process, financing, negotiation and closing activities. Or, we can assist you with what is already on the market.

  • Do you need a Targeted Search for businesses that may not even be listed for sale?
  • Do you need help working with Business Owners trying to sell without a Broker?
  • Do you need Professional Opinions of market value for options you are trying to evaluate?

Contact Us today to discuss your requirements!