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Our Commitment to the Seller

You When You List Your Business For SaleWith Us:


Confidentiality is usually the first thing that comes to a seller’s mind. Having employees, customers, competitors or suppliers find out you are trying or even considering selling can have disastrous consequences. Our marketing program does not disclose your identity. By handling the initial inquiry, obtaining confidentiality agreements, and qualifying buyers, we limit the number of people that know you are selling your business, and these people are bound to keep the information confidential.

The Right Price

The “Right Price” depends on the true value. To determine it, your financial statements are “Recast”. Adjustments are made to depreciation, interest, amortization, owners’ salary, discretionary items, and other such items. This gives the buyer a true picture of what they will have to work with when they take over. Historical growth, industry trends, demographics and where the business is going are also factored in along with prior sales and comparisons of similar businesses.

Maximum Exposure

Maximum Exposurealso contributes to “The Right Price”. Your company will be marketed on many strategic websites and business multiple listing service. Since many buyers call us on available businesses for sale,it could be the right buyer for your company. In some cases the many buyers create competition for your business, resulting in a higher price and better terms.

The Right Amount of Cash at Closing

By working with qualified buyers and assisting in the financing process, we enable you to get the right amount of cash at closing. The buyer is qualified to make sure they have the financial capacity to make the purchase. By working with many lenders, we know in many cases which lender is the best for a particular buyer/seller combination, and we can direct a buyer to the right lender.

Allow You to Devote Your Time to Running The Business

Once you decide to sell, you need to devote your full time to running the business, using your expertise to make it run as efficiently and as profitably as possible. Buyers and Lenders look closely at what is happening now and what the trend is now. It takes a lot of time to eliminate the tire kickers, work with qualified buyers, get a good offer and make the deal happen. We can get you that right price and make the sale happen.


Conflicts, emotions and bad feelings can develop when a buyer and seller are negotiating directly. By handling negotiations, we insulate you from any negativity. This leaves the buyer and seller with a good relationship, which becomes important when you are assisting them in the transfer of the business and especially if selleris partially financing the sale.

Follow Ups

When a seller calls a buyer or vice versa to see if a decision has been reached, the person being contacted begins to think the other party is anxious or desperate, which weakens their bargaining position. This could result in the “wrong price“. When we do as many follow ups, that are usually necessary to make a sale take place, we are just doing our job, and no one appears anxious, or desperate resulting in the “Right Price” being paid for your business.

Steps in Selling Your Business

  1. Decide to find out if Selling is right for you and what someone would pay for your business.
  2. Contact a professional Business Broker from SRQ Real Estate Advisors Corp.
  3. Make an appointment to meet with the Business Broker.
  4. Provide the broker with business and financial information in order to find out the “Market Value” of your business.
  5. Decide if the price a buyer would pay would enable you to meet your personal and financial objectives.
  6. Decide if you would like to list your business for sale.
  7. List your business.
  8. Have a conference call or meet with potential buyers.
  9. Consider offers.
  10. Accept an offer or counter offer.
  11. Mutual acceptance of an offer.
  12. Financial Due Diligence.
  13. Attorneys prepare and provide the closing documents.
  14. An inventory is taken.
  15. A closing takes place where both parties meet, sign papers and exchange funds.
  16. Seller trains the Buyer for a predetermined amount of time.
  17. Seller and Buyer go on to their new life.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Business?

At the right price & terms –a motivated seller – with aggressive marketing, the average is 6- 9 months.

At the wrong price, with the wrong terms – with a seller who is not motivated to sell – most often (75%), or it will not sell at all.

If you want results – you need to be committed to the process – we have a proven and effective system that works. Your business will sell faster. You will get a higher price $$. You will not lose sleep, confidentiality, business or employees in the process.