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Child Fund

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Executive Director of RS Cares Foundation
Founder of the “Orphan Child Fund”
Diplomat to Belarus and USA
Founder of the “Spiritual Diplomacy” Concept
Personal Legacy of Outreach & Support:

  • Orphan Children with Disabilities
  • Abandoned Children in war-torn areas
  • Feeding Children in Orphanages


“I often say, Money and Love – never enough,it always falls short!” – Dr. Morgulis

In the early 80s, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis has received a God’s gift of Favor – “Language of Love” – on his life that has given him opportunities to visit and meet secular leaders throughout the world. In 1991, after an opportunity to meet with Mikhail Gorbachev (the 1st and last President of the former Soviet Union), the concept of “Spiritual Diplomacy” was established that helps Dr. Morgulis to promote and deliver the message of Peace and Love through the humanitarian outreach to Leaders and Presidents around the world.

In April of 1986, a catastrophic nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine, prompts Dr. Morgulis to raise funds and have 140tons of humanitarian supplies delivered to the Chernobyl area. At the same time, hetravels from Chicago (his home at the time) to Kiev, Ukraine with a selfless anticipation to assist the survivors, especially the children affected by this disaster.Upon arrival in Kiev, Dr. Morgulisgoes to hospitals that have received bus-loads of children requiring immediate medical attention. These kids were presumed “dead” by doctors. With plans just to help out, he actually endsup staying with the affected children night and day, without leaving their sight for weeks. He now knows that he was privileged to have the opportunity to stay among them, play with them and read children’s storybooks to give them comfort and showthem “The Love”. He distinctively recalls the “Dark Day”…While walking in the hospital’s hallway, a child suddenly drops to the floor.When Dr. Morgulisand the medical personnel rush to the child, the child is dead! It was at that very moment, that Dr. Morgulis makeshis decision to dedicate the rest of his life to help the suffering children, especially orphans who havenobody to show them “The Love”.


Dr. Mikhail Morgulis was born on October 1st, 1941 in Kiev, Ukraine. He is a renowned Russian/Ukrainian author, journalist, editor and theologian. In 1977, he emigrated from the Soviet Union and settled in New York City. In 1982, he moved to Chicago where he helped to establish the Slavic Gospel Press, which has published over 100 works in Russian and Ukrainian, including numerous copies of Bible.

Dr. Mikhail Morgulis holds a M.A. Degree from Norwich University (Vermont, USA) and has 10 published books acclaimed to his name as Author.

In 2015, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis was appointed as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in the USA and was subsequently appointed by the US Department of State and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Diplomat to Belarus.

Currently, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis resides in Sarasota County, Florida.

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