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Rent to Own


Rent-to-Own platform is being offered by RS CARES forlow to moderate income individuals and families who went through or currently are in the process of Short-Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy. The platform is an alternative to a traditional purchase of a home.

In order to qualify with many banks for traditional loan the person must meet many requirements beginning with credit score and so on. Alternatively, RS CARES rents its own properties for less than rental market value, while educating and assisting its tenants on creditworthiness, so they can buy the same home/property as soon they improved their financial well-being and/ or financially established by means of budgeting their monthly income.

How it works:

  • RS CARES will locate the houseby addressing the preference, budget and need and purchase the house for qualified applicant. Requirements are: One-Time non-refundable Application fee of $475, Monthly rent payments based on income and property and cannot exceed 36%of total monthly household income, 5% Option Fee is required and will be credited to the purchase price at the closing.
  • Monthly credit (partial rental payment apply to credit purchase) based on payment, performance and property.
  • Applicant must participate with education on credit restoration and reestablish itself to be financially stable.
  • RS CARES will sell the same house to its tenant, when tenantapproved through the bank or financial institution that will finance the purchase.

Our Rent-to-Own process cannot be extended over 5 years/60 months rental term. Tenant must complete and finalize the purchase in that time frame or will lose its occupancy and option fee.

To request more information, please Contact Us or call 941 404 1000 today!