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Short Sale – Foreclosure

short sale

Are you upside down on your mortgage (owing more money to your lender than what the property is worth) and fear that you might be facing a foreclosure? Is a regular sale not for you?

Are you already in the process of foreclosure (90 days of missed payments – Default), but do not want to have a foreclosure on your Credit and Official Public Records? Knowledge is the key!

In a situation when homeowners have unknown future ahead of them because of a current hardship situation to the point of owing more money to the lender than what the property is worth, and understanding which route to take makes all the difference. No matter what is the reason behind a situation, doing a SHORT SALE could be one of the options. A SHORT SALE is a transaction between the Seller to sell and the Buyer to buy the property at a current market value, but less than the outstanding balance on the mortgage/loan with the approval of the Lender, and any other creditor (could be a second loan, line of credit, a tax lien, etc.) that might have a lien on the same property.

Our company specializes in SHORT SALE transactions. From pricing out the value of a property, to negotiating with the Lender, we do it all.

Our negotiations occur through a third party negotiator that has been in SHORT SALE industry for over 20 years. Upon finalizing the SHORTSALE, our staff will direct the Seller to:

A) Credit repair companies;
B) Provide assistance with rental property; or
C) An alternative purchase of a new home by Owner Financing or Rent-To-Own.

Knowledge is power; let our knowledge be applied for the results and how it will impact your life! To learn more about how we can assist you in the process of SHORTSALE, or further to assist with a Rental Property, Rent-to-Own, or Owner Financing, don’t hesitate anymore! Contact Us today!

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